Friday, June 15, 2012

Motivation versus commitment

I get asked all the time how I stay motivated to exercise.  I tell people that it's not about motivation - it's about commitment.  I compare it to work.  I have a great job.  I am well paid and work in a comfortable office with lots of freedom to do my own thing.  Not to mention great benefits and a fantastic boss.  BUT - I HATE getting up in the morning to go to work.  I am NEVER motivated to go to work.  If I won the lottery, I would be out of here in a New York minute.  So I am not motivated to go to work, I am COMMITTED to go to work.  Why?  Because there is no other choice!  I can't just decide to not get up and go to work in the mornings.  I look at exercise the same way.  I don't give myself an option.  I work out during my lunch hour because I HAVE to.

There is, believe it or not, a certain freedom in this.  When you have a choice taken away from you and you just do it.  I have never gotten back from a run and thought "Damn, I wish I had never run and burned 500 calories today."  Nope.  I always feel great afterwards.  Or lifting weights - sometimes I hate lifting weights.  But afterwards, when my arms or legs are exhausted, I know that muscle is building.  And when I see myself in a sleeveless shirt and can see real muscle definition even with the loose skin - damn, that looks good!

Maybe someday I'll be the person that itches to go out for a run and get all sweaty and tired or can't wait to get my hands on weights and lift.  I'm not that person today, but I am a COMMITTED person.

Don't wait for your mind to give you the ok.  Our minds tend to talk us out of things, not into them.  Just do it!  I know it sucks.  Eating right and exercising is HARD.  Being fat is HARD.  Choose your HARD. 


  1. Great advice...

  2. This is a really great analogy. I don't really like running either. I'm going to try to look at it like this from now on. Thanks