Wednesday, June 13, 2012

8 weeks...

It was 8 weeks ago today that I went in for surgery.  In some ways it feels like ages ago, and in some ways I feel like it just happened.  My incision is pretty flat in most places.  It's not a constant annoyance any more, although I can still really feel it, especially after exercise.

As you can see, my belly button is still jacked up. 

Hopefully he'll be able to make it look better.  If not, I'm considering having it pierced so that the jewelry covers the worst of it.  I won't know anything until my next appointment at the end of July, so for now I have to live with it.

Here's a couple of 8 week pics - as you can see, I am totally not too skinny and can definitely stand to lose at least 5 more pounds...

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  1. Lookin good! As for people and their jealous nature, they can't help it!!! I had people that would tell me I looked the same after 40 lbs loss,go tell?And other telling you you are too skinny you look sick? If you feel good and are healthy and working out I am sure you know what is best. I understand the desire for the taking it down 5 kinda insurance policy for heading into maitinence...its tricky! DEVA