Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm 40 - WAHHHHH!

Well, I made it through the day yesterday - but I'm sorry, Deva -I'm still on the pity pot!  What everyone is saying to me is absolutely true - I'm in the best shape of my life, financially I'm doing well, I have a great home, great job, great husband, great dogs AND I STILL FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF.  It's not something I can control, guys.  I'm just in a terrible funk and it will take a while for me to get out of it.  

My co-worker arranged for a celebration dinner at a fancy restaurant this Saturday.  I'm hoping for a good turnout and hopefully will be out of my funk and can have a good time.  I have a dress that I bought that I have to say - it looks fantastic on me!   (That sounds so conceited, doesn't it??)  

Anyway, I'm getting back to the routine of exercising twice per day.  I tried Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 at lunch today - it's a pretty good workout and I did start with Level 1.  I won't be doing that DVD daily like she wants you to, but it's definitely going in my rotation of things I do.  

If and when mother nature stops being such a bitch and turns up the heat, that will help my mood, too! 


  1. 29 was my big ONE go figure! I remember when my Mom turned that age and I thought she was old {I was a little kid}. Well she dided at 55 and was over 100 lbs overweight and took terrible care of herself so...I have found NOW I am proud of every year I live and think I look better than average for my age{AND ITS OK TO BE A LITTLE CONCITED!!!!} its what keeps us taking care of ourselves. YOU WILL GET OVER IT.. just a funk we all get em!!!! DEVA

  2. Crying can be very therapeutic. Life changes bring mixed emotions.

  3. Does it help that you still look like you are in your 20's??? Honest. -Kris