Saturday, December 12, 2015

With one exception...

In many ways I feel like after a disastrous year that I am getting back on track.

Mentally, I am in good spirits – I haven’t felt that feeling of total and utter despair that plagued me earlier in the year.  I’ve been reasonably able to put things in my life in perspective – not an easy feat for a drama queen bitch like me.

I’ve even chosen to see things in a more optimistic way – looking at events as opportunities, seeing the good in people.  Okay, not ALL people :)  But in general just viewing people in a positive light.  Having my head NOT full of paranoia and anger is a good thing!

I feel like my exercising is back on track – I am still exercising about 2 hours a day, but not out of desperation and if I feel like I need a light day, I’ve been taking it.

And running?  Well, I ran 30 miles this week – including the 7 I did this morning with the dogs.  It’s by far the most miles I’ve run in a single week in a very long time.  My times are slow as shit, but I’m okay with that right now. 

My Achilles hurts but it doesn’t HURT.  I don’t think it will ever get better.  (At least not until I’m 70 when I get fat again as promised and ride a scooter everywhere I go – actually I’m hoping that by then we’ll have these flying hoverboard type things that I can fly on…like Rygel in Farscape.)

But I digress…

So in general, life is good.  Except in one area – my incessant, constant, and disgusting behavior of STUFFING MY FACE.

We took some pics yesterday for our holidays cards and I was beyond horrified by how I looked when I saw the pics, with a magnificent muffin top clearly spilling over the top of my too tight pants.
Why, when I saw this picture and was so crushed by it, did I go ahead and plow my way through food yesterday?? 

There is no excuse, no reasoning, no nothing that can justify and explain why I just cannot – WILL NOT – get my fat ass under control!

What’s it going to take?

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  1. People come to you to receive counseling for drug addiction, maybe you should seek some outside support for food addiction. Like AA for alcoholics, I have heard TOPS works well for food-aholics. Just a thought...