Saturday, December 5, 2015


Is what I feel coming.  The start of December has been an unbalanced one so far.  I was taken out of my routine several times this week, and it filled me with fear.

But maybe, just maybe, fear is what is needed.  I’m am having some change foisted upon me at work – new challenges and new responsibilities and stepping into the unknown.

Since I don’t adjust to change well, I feel scared of being taken out of my known routine.  So my immediate reaction was anxiety and resistance when I attended a meeting about these changes yesterday.

But after the meeting as I was processing mentally what these changes would mean, I realized – once again – that I can choose to see this change as an opportunity instead of something negative.

After all, the routine that I’ve been in this year – well, it hasn’t been making me particularly happy and successful.  I mean, I’m love what I’m doing at work, but I’ve gotten so used to the routine of it, that I’ve also been in my head too much.  And I’ve been obsessing about exercise and weight all the time.  And the result?  I’ve gotten progressively fatter and have felt a lot of lack of control in myself more days than not.

So now, with new challenges, maybe I can get outside of ME and focus on a new mental challenge and maybe food and exercise won’t dominate my life in the unhealthy way it has!

The change is a little way off.  So I have some time to adjust and plan.  I had already decided that December would be a practicing month  - to set up for a better 2016 – so this falls right along with it!


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