Thursday, February 12, 2015

Putting on the brakes…

Just because you crash it doesn’t mean you have to burn, too.

I guess that what’s I learned after my miserable crash the other day.  I felt wiped both mentally and physically. 

I can’t say that I’m back.  But I haven’t thrown in the towel – not yet anyway.

In the last 2 days I got a lot done at work.  And I received some very good news that I have been approved to attend a conference that I was hoping to attend next month.

Marc’s father had an appointment yesterday and he is completed healed up from the surgery with no complications.  So he starts his 6 immunotherapy treatments next week and by the time April 1st rolls around, we can hopefully be putting this whole drama in our rear-view mirror!

Because I am a state worker, we have today off for Lincoln’s Birthday and Monday off for President’s Day (yes, I DO know how tough I have it!!)  So I took tomorrow off to give me a long 5 days off to relax and recharge and to get some stuff done.

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any crazier, I got home last night and was just completely and totally worn out and exhausted.  I told Marc that I had been planning on running on the treadmill, but also told him about how I was feeling.  He told me that if I was that worn out, I should take the day off completely or do something light.

I put on my running clothes anyway and told myself that if I couldn’t bring myself to run then I would just walk.  I started running and – bafflingly – I felt AWESOME.  I ran 7 miles and felt like I was FLYING.  I could have gone on, but it was getting late and Marc was starting dinner.

So what gives?  I am being my typical drama queen self, I guess.  Making mountains out of molehills.

For now, I keep pushing onward – when – AND IF – this fucking weather breaks (BTW, the projected high for tomorrow is –1 F – so much for global fucking warming) – I might get some hope!!


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