Thursday, February 26, 2015

My baby boys as babies!

A woman I work with had a Boxer who passed away a couple of years ago.  She and her hubby are now finally ready to consider getting a new baby to join their family, and she asked for my assistance, so I have been on Boxer patrol this week contacting reputable breeders to find the perfect fit for them.  And I have been reflecting on my boys when they were little.

In 2009 we lost my first Boxer, Tucker.  The circumstances around his death are still to painful for me to talk about without bursting into tears – maybe I’ll be able to share at a later date with you guys, but it is literally one of the most horrible experiences in my life, so I just can’t yet.

Anyway, after we lost him, my heart was broken and empty.  Some of my contacts in the Boxer world told me about a breeder in northern Pennsylvania and I contacted her.  I liked her immediately and she told me that she had a baby Brindle boy who she wanted to find the perfect home for.  She told me that they breed for temperament, health and lastly conformation.  He came from a championship line, but they had the litter hoping for a flashy fawn for the show ring and got 2 whites and a brindle.  So they were finding homes for them and trying again.

We talked a little more and, through tears, I was telling her about my loss and she went strangely silent.  She then haltingly told me that she wasn’t sure if she should tell me this… I waited… and she then said that this sweet little Brindle boy came from her female and had been bred to a male her friend owned – a male named….TUCKER. 

I got goosebumps and cried harder.  She sent me a pic:

tucker She offered to meet me halfway between our places and we decided on a time that weekend.

It was – for both Marc and I – love at first sight.

He came home with us – this is his first day home:


His personality was as it is now.  He is more wary of strangers then your typical Boxer.  He is calm and laid back and sweet.  He lets himself get walked all over – unless he senses danger.  He went AFTER a neighbor’s dog while I was walking him shortly after I had my skin removal surgery when that dog came RUNNING at me from a yard.

It was shocking how fast and how aggressive he was.  But if there was any question in my mind that he would give his life to protect me if needed?  That disappeared in that minute.

But normally he is chill – like this pic with our nephew shows:


1 year later, our German Shepherd, B’Elanna, passed away of old age. 

We contacted the same breeder who had no puppies.   Then we heard of a breeder near Rochester who had just had a little of 11!

So I contacted her and most of her litter was spoken for, but she did have a 3 left looking for homes.  She said that this one boy – #10 – was her husband’s absolute favorite.  But they were looking for a show dog and since white Boxers can’t be shown, they needed to find a home for him.  But we would have to undergo extra scrutiny from her husband to make sure he would have the “perfect” home. 


We made a visit to their house and met the breeder and her husband and all the puppies.

After a quick sidebar where they talked about us and we talked about the puppy, we were both on the same page.  #10 became Archer and we had to wait a loooonnngggg 3 weeks while he grew up enough to leave his Mommy and brothers and sisters.

We brought him home and it became IMMEDIATELY obvious that it was not a line – he definitely had been a favorite of the family.  He was spoiled and stubborn and mischievous and headstrong. 


That hasn’t changed.  But he is also fun loving and playful and incredibly affectionate.  He and Chakotay became instant best friends which made us so happy!


So there you have it – that’s how our boys – the love of our lives – came into our family. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about them.  Even though dogs is not the purported subject of this blog, it’s my blog, so I can talk about whatever the fuck I want, right?

I hope to find this woman I work with the perfect boy or girl for her and her husband who will make them as happy as we are with our boys.

And yes, I have already offered to babysit!!

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  1. Thanks for posting the history of Chakotay and Archer. They are cute beyond words!