Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


I am proud of the fact that I am a pretty low maintenance type of chick.  Although sometimes I do envy those girls that believe that they are princesses and do everything to the nth degree.

But no, that’s not who I am.

Marc and I somewhat celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday.  Given the type of people we are, celebrating on Friday the 13th was pretty apropos, anyway.

After working out in the morning, I got dressed in some fine duds – a Miami Dolphins sweatshirt and some fleece leggings – classy, huh?  We went out to lunch at a white-trash kind of place.  We then ran some errands, and – in the ULTIMATE romantic gesture – I took Marc into Staples walked over to the office chairs and yelled “Happy Valentine’s Day!!”

I then made him sit in all the different chairs so that he could pick one out as his other one is shot to hell.  We then bought it and headed home. 

Late in the day we took a bubble bath in our jacuzzi tub and then watched TV the rest of the night.  There might have been something else in there too, but I wouldn’t want to kiss and tell!  Winking smile

For me?  This was a pretty great day.

So I know some of you will be getting majorly dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant tonight!  Or maybe you’re cooking a 5 course dinner with some expensive wine and chocolates. 

Maybe some of you are on a trip or staying the night at a hotel!  And if that’s a treat for you, I hope you enjoy every single minute of it!

Most of all, I hope that you have someone to love.  Whether that be another person, an animal, and most importantly, I hope that you show yourself some love today!!


And in the spirit of the day, I want to tell you guys how much I love you for the support that you show me – when I’m doing great and when I’m falling apart.  You cannot possibly know how much it means to me!!!

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