Friday, October 5, 2012

A crazy (but good) week!

What a crazy week this has been!  I've been trying to catch up on work from being on vacation!  I have been SWAMPED all week!  Between that and going to the doctor's on Tuesday and having a hair cut appointment yesterday, I just need a couple more hours in the day to get caught up!

I ran in my new Bikilas yesterday and today and I'm happy to report that they felt great!!  For those of you that aren't runners, it might seem a small or silly thing to be excited over a pair of kicks.  But when you run several miles at a time, having shoes that feel good is CRUCIAL.  So yay!

I have consistantly weighed in at 119 pounds all this week.  It's up just a smidge from where I'd like to be, but I am starting to find that I can eat things and not constantly count the calories.  It is a balancing act.  Like yesterday there were some YUMMY looking peanut butter granola bars in our team meeting that were calling my name.  I took a quick look and they were 190 calories.  OOPS - nope, not an option.  But then later in the day, my co-worker had these parmesan pretzel things, and I had a couple without freaking out about how many calories I ingested.  It's a pretty good feeling to be able to relax a little. 

I hope that everyone who is reading this can take heart in the fact that while your in the midst of your weight lost journey it can feel like this is something that is forever and it can get tedious and discouraging.  But take it from me - I'm never going to have a completely normal relationship with food.  So I will have to watch and monitor myself.  BUT I am already - a short 3 months into maintenance - finding that I can relax a little.  I don't think that I'm getting cocky or over-confident.  I'm just living a real life!

This is the HUGE advantage - in my opinion - of having lost weight by making small changes and not following some fad diet.  Now that I'm here, I just need to keep doing what I've been doing.  It is a realistic and sustainable lifestyle.  What is that phrase?  "Dance with the one that brung ya"?

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