Wednesday, October 3, 2012

24 week follow up...

It is so hard to believe that 24 weeks ago today I was having my surgery done!  How is it possible that a person's life can change so much in a short 6 months?!  I went to see Dr. DeRoberts yesterday for the 6 month follow up.  He said that everything looks great!  I am completely back to normal activity.  I asked about the skin being really tight when I do yoga and he said not to be afraid of just stretching it.  It will stretch out to a normal state eventually. 

He asked about how the belly button was doing compared to last time.  The injection he gave last time did help it settle in a little bit.  So he injected it once again with Kenalog.  That may help it "sink in" a little more, but pretty much we are where we are.  SO, I asked him about getting my belly button pierced and he said "Sure - if you want to, go for it!"  He doesn't recommend doing it for at least 6 weeks, so I have 6 weeks to decide if I want to have it done or not.  If anyone reading this has their belly button pierced tell me about it!  Not just the experience of having it pierced (because, lucky me, I have no feeling there right now) but do you like having a pierced belly button?  Does it get in the way of clothing?  Please fill me in!!

He lasered the incision again, and he lasered by birthmark which has faded, but was still pretty red.  He was really thorough this time and so I again look like I have a horrible disease or crappy ass tattoo  LOL. 

I am doing so well that he does not need to see me for another 6 months.  While we were waiting for the machine to warm up that removes the birthmark, I was looking at the pictures he took when I was in there in March.  Holy crap.  I can't believe I carried that huge amount of skin and fat around.  I am getting used to seeing a completely flat stomach when I look down.  Seeing the close up in 8x10 glory - wow....  Despite the expense - which still sucks - it was totally and completely worth it!

After the appointment, Marc and I went over to Fleet Feet and I bought a new pair of running shoes.  I love my Fila Skeletoes, but they were not made for running and are lasting only a short time before completely falling apartment.  I ended up getting some Vibram Bikilas LS shoes.  I will run in them for the first time tomorrow and I am - because I am a DORK - excited and nervous. 

Here's a pic of the shoes:

Pretty sexy, right?  Seriously, now that I'm running more miles per week, I need something that will hold up, and these were recommended by other runners on, so I really hope they work for me!

Finally, I want to give a shout out to my friend PEG who is doing AWESOME in the weight loss department and is going to be entering ONEDERLAND very, very soon!  I am so proud of you Peg - keep up the good work!!


  1. do these running shoes make you feel like you are running barefoot? Are the bottoms thinner than an actual sneaker? How would they be for walking? I do a lot of walking and wondered about that. Thanks

  2. The soles are MUCH thinner and have zero arch support. To me it feel like running barefoot but on a pad - there is a little protection, but your foot feels barefoot.