Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wayyyyyy TMI!!

This is a way, way too much information post!  So you are being warned beforehard.  I think that this is useful information for people that are in the process of losing weight - especially a lot of weight - but for the rest of you - especially my friends and relatives, this will be about POOPING, so you might not want to read on.

Still with me?  Well, don't say I didn't warn you!!!

I have never heard of this, but apparently people that have lost a lot of weight become constipated.  It's very common and no one quite knows why this happens.  And I've fallen into this category.  If you were to look up the IDEAL diet that you should be eating in order to have regular bowel movements, I am the POSTER CHILD for this.  I eat all the right foods and drink a ton of water.  Yet, I can't poop.  Or when I do poop, I don't completely empty out, if you know what I mean.  I still know there is more to come out but it won't happen. 

There is one exception to that rule - when I run.  And then - completely predictably - I will have to go so bad that I have absolutely no ability to hold it.  It's terrible and frustrating to have to make emergency stops - at least 2 times - during a 6 mile run!!

Now having to poop during a long run is also apparently pretty common.  It's called the "runner's trots".  BUT, not usually during short runs.  And when you combine not being able to go with then having to go IMMEDIATELY, well, I don't have to tell you that this is a recipe for disaster!  Marc even told me that if he were in my position he would give up running.  But obviously I don't want to do that.

So before my last 2 races, I started taking Miralax a week before the race to make sure that I was emptied out and wouldn't have to stop (or crap myself) during the race.  But I haven't wanted to take Miralax on a daily basis, because there is some information out there that your body can become dependent on this and then you're really in trouble.  Other sites say that Miralax has no risk of dependency.  As a chemical dependency counselor, I am always super worried about using anything that I might become dependent on!

So last week when I went to the doctor's, I told him about my issue.  He said that Miralax can be taken long term with no risk.  So I've started taking it every morning.  It's only been a week, but let me tell you what a JOY it was to run 11 miles on Sunday and not having to stop - not even once - for emergency poopage.  

I will discuss this issue when I meet with the dietician next month, and hopefully she will have some ideas for me.  The other thought that I had was that MAYBE if I get my body into a regular schedule, I can start weaning myself off the Miralax and my body will have learned to poop right on it's own.  But for now, sweet relief!!  

So those of you that are losing a lot of weight, don't be surprised if this happens to you!  It's uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk about, but if it is your reality, you don't have to suffer!

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