Saturday, September 8, 2012

10K Race report!

Hi my darling readers!

Today was the Run for Recovery from Addictions. Since I am a substance abuse counselor, this is near and dear to my heart. I was hoping to beat 52 minutes.

I woke up to extreme winds and the forecast talking about torrential rain, thunderstorms and hail with strong winds. Great. So we get to the race place and the sun is desperately trying to peak out, YAY! Then we are told that the race course has to change because of a train that is coming through part of the course and they refuse to stop the train or give the exact time they are coming through. So for those of us doing the 10K, this meant we had to run the same half-twice - which means up an extremely steep hill TWICE instead of once like we were planning.

The race gets started and that hill is a KILLER, especially with the wind. But then I caught a tailwind and was feeling pretty great. So I manage to hit the hill a second time without dying - legs were great, but my heart was a PUMPING! Mile 4, it starts to rain. Actually feels pretty good. Mile 5 it starts to DOWNPOUR! Doesn't feel so good. Mile 5.5, rain stops. I'm coming up to the finish line and start SPRINTING. I thought I was passing another 10K'er - turns out I was passing a slow 5K'er - oh well.

I look at the time clock - 48:36 - WHAT? There's no way that I was that much faster then normal. I look at my Garmin and we only ran 5.9 miles! Must be when they re-did the course they measured wrong. Dang - so that was a PR that's not really a PR.

Then we go inside and eat and the awards ceremony starts. They put up the numbers - AND I WAS THE FASTEST FEMALE FINISHER!!!!!!!!! Even though the course was off, everyone ran the same and I was first!!

Here I am with my trophy:

Hard to believe that it was only May of 2011 when I ran outside for the very first time - in 16 minutes...