Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back from vacation!!

Hi everyone!  Did you miss me?  It's been a long time since I've posted, huh?  Marc and I were on vacation with the dogs and stayed at a cabin in a remote part of Pennsylvania.  So internet access was spotty and I couldn't really make an entry here.

Hope everyone out there that reads my blog is doing well!  I think I did okay on my vacation as far as eating goes.  The cabin came supplied with a full kitchen including a full sized fridge that isn't pictured here.  

So before getting to the cabin, we stopped and bought all kinds of food to cook - mostly stuff that we eat every day.  So we ate healthy stuff, but I was hungry and ate A LOT!  

Of course we were pretty active.  I ran one day only.  But we hiked a 6 mile trail one day and then the day before we left, we hiked the Ghost Town Trail from a place called Ebensburg to a place called Nanty Glo.  It was a total of 15 miles.  

I am finding it challenging to just enjoy myself and not worry about calories in and out.  Which I want to be able to do in short bursts - like when on vacation.  I was disappointed when we got home and the scale is reading 121.  I know that I did not GAIN 3 pounds of FAT on a short vacation.  BUT, it was disappointing anyway.  It's going to take a few days to see where I stand.  Either way, it's back to a routine on Monday!

This was us as we were about to leave to head home!  I really needed this vacation!  I was feeling very burned out about a lot of things.  Hopefully I will be completely refreshed.

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