Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Longest Day Race…

Today was the local Longest Day event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

This is only the second year that they’ve had it, and there were 4 options – a 5K run, a 25 mile bike, a 10 mile bike or a duathlon – the 5K run followed immediately by the 25 mile bike.

Marc and I have never done a duathlon and I’m considering doing a triathlon later this summer so we chose this.

When we signed up, I was all excited, but after the terrible news this week, I have been eating horrible, have fallen off the wagon exercise wise, haven’t been sleeping well and am pretty much a wreck mentally.  Not exactly the ideal recipe for success, right? 

But we were signed up and it was for a good cause so we almost resolutely got ready this morning, and we each tried to have a positive attitude.


We arrived at the venue and were not surprised to see there was not a large crowd for it only being the second year.

We started the run – it was already about 80 degrees and sunny at the start.  Marc and I ran together and despite telling myself to slow the hell down, I ran at a much faster pace then I’ve been running.  We got back to the start at 3.62 miles – oops they ran a little long.

We hopped on the bikes immediately and took off.  The first 5 miles my legs felt like lead – we were on a slight uphill the entire way and I was shocked how tired my legs were after only a short run.  The sun was blazing hot, which I normally love, but it takes its toll physically.

It took about 12 miles to get my second wind, but that was okay because the second half was really fun as Marc and I rode along together - even though there were some very challenging hills I was actually enjoying the ride. 

We pulled into the start/finish line at 25.34 miles and a total finish time (including the transition period) of 2:11:09.

And guess what??

We got first and second place!!!  Aren’t we impressive??

Um…. NOPE.  Ready for the punch line?  We were the only 2 that did the duathlon!!

So, maybe our finish times were not that impressive, but we still did a duathlon, right?


So, I’ll go ahead and keep my medal… I need a little pick me up…


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