Saturday, June 11, 2016

Going down?

So yay!!  I got on the scale today and YEE-HAW I have lost 3 pounds!


I am a CHEATER Smile


Ok, let me back up.

I got up this morning and there was a massive rainstorm – I’m talking torrential downpours and WIND.

This was the day to do a practice of sorts.

Next week, Marc and I are participating in a race for The Longest Day for Alzheimer’s awareness/fund raising. 

There are a couple different races within the same event, so we decided to do our first duathlon.  It will be a 5K run followed by a 25 mile bike ride.

I have never run and then immediately rode.  So I headed down to our basement and loaded up the dreadmill.  I ran for 10K and then hopped on the exercise bike for 10 miles. 

Not the same as doing it outside and not the same distance but an approximation and a good workout.

It was cool in the basement, but humid and the small room we have our exercise equipment in got warm quick.  So I was DRENCHED in sweat.  I mean, it was pretty gross.

I immediately went upstairs when I was done and started the shower and it was then that I stepped on the scale. 

So, yeah, it was probably all water weight that I “lost” and if I got on now it would be back to


but DAYUM – it was nice to see a drop!  So I’m going to live in the delusion a little!

And hopefully I’ll do well in next weekend’s race!

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