Thursday, September 8, 2016

STOP the clicking!

I don’t consider myself a Facebook addict, but I do get on it a few times a day and do post on occasion.

Recently, they have implemented more “sponsored ads” – where people pay to have their ads show up in people’s timelines.

And Facebook – with their superpowers – are able to specifically target what ads to put in your specific timelines.

It is what I am sure a HIGE mathematical formula based on what you click on and things you post.

So guess what is showing up in my timeline on a daily basis?


Lots and lots and lots of food recipes.

And not healthy foods.  Oh NO!

Dessert recipes.

Sex in a pan, Carmel chocolate chip cookie bars, Peanut butter chocolate dream cookies.  Dozens of ads per day!

And WHYYYY are they showing up?  Because I keep fucking clicking on these recipes!  And then I read the ingredients with their POUNDS of butter, SCOOPS of sugar, and all other things that cause my to gain about 6 pounds just READING the recipes!  So do I make them?  Not a chance in hell.

But it’s like my version of pornography.

And yet?

I KEEP CLICKING!  Torturing myself.  With things I want to eat but can’t!

The only way to make the madness stop is to stop reinforcing why they are showing up in my timeline!

But look?  These Oreo Cookie Bars look SO GOOD!  Maybe I’ll just click and see if they are made with ZERO calorie ingredients.  That’s possible, right?

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