Sunday, September 4, 2016


“Regrets and mistakes they’re memories made”

                - Adele

I know that we all have times when we wish we had a “do-over”.  If we could go back and make different choices we would.

How many times have each of us laid in bed at night wishing that we hadn’t eaten that second piece of cake or we had the salad instead of the burger.  Or that we had done 30 minutes of exercise instead of screwing around on the computer.

All things considered, something like that is relatively minor.

But how about the major things?  How about life choices that have radically altered our lives?

Do you see them as lessons learned as Adele says in her song?  Or, if you could go back and make a different life choice, would you?

Do you, like me, beat yourself up for dumb-ass choices you made?  Wish that you had a chance to go back and do everything differently?

It’s decidedly a moot point, because none of us can go back and have that do-over, right?

So how do you get to the point where you can see it as a life lesson and move on rather than dwelling on what you “Should have” done?

Even better – how do you take those life lessons to make better choices today rather than repeating your stupidity?

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