Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sucking at keeping up!!

I know, I know – I suck, right?  I haven’t been posting at all. 

I am trying to cram 28 hours worth of living into 24 hour days and I’m not having much luck. 

I refuse to sacrifice sleep – although that would be the easy out – for a short time until I went completely nuts.

It was one week ago when we woke up and found Chakotay in a terrible state.  I was so sure that we were at the end.

I am thrilled to say that after a week of antibiotics, leg massage and lots and lots of hugs and kisses, he is doing really well.

The leg is almost normal.  He is eating well and appears to feel good.  In fact today he felt so good that we took him on a short hike to the water because he absolutely loves swimming.


















He floated around in the water for a while and swam to get his toys a few times and then relaxed while watching Archer play.


He was really tired on the way back and walked VERY slowly.  Marc and I wondered if we had made a mistake by taking him because we weren’t sure he could make it to the car.  But he ended up being fine as long as we walked slow,

What caused the rebound?  Was it the meds or the leg massaging?   Remember when I talked about magical thinking?  Well, I know that this is what it is, but no one can convince me that you guys and everyone else who has sent positive vibes his way hasn’t made a difference.

tumblr_nun5ltm3Qy1r12tq8o1_500 I don’t think that we have many good days left, but we are trying to enjoy them

I wish that I could tell you guys that this week’s rebound by Chakotay has allowed me to get my shit together, but it hasn’t.  I am still struggling terribly with my eating.  And the motivation to exercise?  It takes just about all of my energy to force myself to move. 

I have not stepped on the scale – the mirror is telling me enough.

So please my friends, PLEASE continue to send positive thoughts to Chakotay.  And if you have a few left, maybe you could send some vibes to me to get me to put down the FORK!!!


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