Monday, January 15, 2018

Running my fat off…

If you’re not on the Facebook page associated with this blog you might not have seen the book that came out last year that my story was in.

Some time ago I was contacted by Jason Karp, PhD.   To be honest, I had never heard of him.  But I learned that he is pretty well known in the running world and is dedicated to improving the world of running for everyone.  He’s written a number of books about the science of running, including one of the “for dummies” book about running a marathon.  

Dr. Karp indicated that he was writing a book about losing weight through running and part of the book would feature stories about people who had done just that.  He asked if he could use my story in his book.  I told him he could, answered a number of questions, sent him some pictures and told some of my friends and family and then forgot about it.

Early last year, Dr. Karp told me the book was finished and was on its way to publication and let me know that he was sending me a copy.  “Run Your Fat Off” arrived a while later. 

On a personal note, by that time I was so frustrated by my running – the weight gain and injuries had taken their toll on my ability to run at all, not to mention my distance and speed – and I was so disgusted and angry with myself for gaining so much weight back that I felt like…. a fraud I guess is the right word.

Not that anything in the book was fake, but it was almost like I was doing everyone reading the book and Dr. Karp himself a disservice by being in the book.  And when I compared myself to other people in the book??  Holy crap – some of their stories are amazing!  My accomplishments pale in comparison.


The  book itself is not just stories about people who have ran and lost weight.  It is filled with science based research on running and how running is so good for someone who is trying to lose weight.  I emphasize the science based, because you guys know how much I hate these bullshit pseudo-science exercise and diet fads.  Dr. Karp does too and his book is filled with facts about food and exercise – especially running.

Whether you are brand new to running or an experienced runner, I think there are many tips and tricks you can get from the book.

And maybe you can be inspired by people who have done it. 


   Incidentally, Dr. Karp lets you know that you DO NOT need to run every day – just on the days you want to eat!!  Winking smile

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  1. I guess I don't know why you feel like a fraud. You have kept most of the weight off and still work hard at it. Doing some kind of exercise daily is a real commitment.