Friday, July 1, 2016

Rationalize and Justify…

You know how I am always trying to justify my eating by saying that I don’t really eat bad things, I just eat too much of good foods?

Well that excuse has flown squarely out the window.  Want to know some of the things I’ve eaten since last Friday?

There’s pizza, ice cream, wheat thins, tortilla chips, pre-packaged trail mix (with Reese’s Pieces), and OH YEAH – don’t forget about 28 S’Mores while sitting at the fire last night.  That is, of course, in addition to the massive amount of food that isn’t unhealthy that I have been eating.

Here’s the kicker – I’m  not even hungry.  But it’s there.  I guess that is the very definition of eating your emotions, huh?

We headed back today and made a pit stop at a Chimney Bluffs State Park – Marc has been wanting to see the spectacular sites there, but it is quite a haul from our house.  It wasn’t exactly on the way, but it wasn’t that far of a detour.

The views were amazing.














And 1 more…


I found myself today thinking that typical addict thinking – So, I’ve screwed up all week, I might as well do whatever I want through the holiday weekend and start new on Tuesday.

You know what that reminded me of?  Way back when.  When every single day I made excuses to not eat right and not exercise all while weighing 300+ pounds.

So can I get up tomorrow and stop the excuses, rationalizations and justifications?

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