Monday, July 4, 2016

And in other news…

The last couple of days have seen a bit of a return to living my life with some sanity.  I’ve been exercising and eating reasonably well.

Yesterday I took both dogs on a run.  I debated whether to take Chakotay, but he has been acting perfectly normal and when he saw me putting on my running shoes, he began jumping up and down in circles with excitement.  It was a little warm for him – not related to the cancer, as you guys know, so we only went 3 miles.  He did fantastic.

Marc and I then took a long bike ride in the afternoon.  I got home early enough to make the birthday cake – made with carrots, peanut butter and honey.





I am confident that if they had opposable thumbs they both would have given it thumbs up the way they sucked it down!  The icing was supposed to by a yogurt/PB mix, but the meds that Chakotay is on don’t allow him to have dairy, so it was only PB.





Speaking of his pills, did you know that birthday cake effectively hides pills? Smile














We had no specific 4th of July plans, although there may be fireworks later, so today we got some projects done – my putting some stenciling on a post that Marc made for me for a sundial that he bought me for the garden:


While Marc finished up the custom bike rack that he made using old wood, which we painted using some garage sale spray paint I bought.


Not bad, right?

I have been reluctant to weigh myself, because I still am eating way too much and there’s only so much damage that exercise can undo.  The temptation to just say “Fuck it I’m on vacation!” is so strong.  But I just read an article last night in Men’s Health that people often gain 7 – YES 7 – fucking pounds while on vacation!!! 
Holy crap, hopefully I’m not THAT screwed!!

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  1. That doggie birthday cake looks great!!! Lucky puppies :)