Monday, May 9, 2016

Taking what I can get..

The weekend went by in a flash – so what else is new?

My foot is getting better – slowly but surely.  There is still some pain and I’m sure any doctor would tell me that I still need to rest it.  But hey, what do doctors know??   After all, the last one DID tell me that 43 years old was too old to be running LOL


On Saturday, Marc and I took the dogs on what was meant to be a relatively short but  challenging hike.  Since it was so short, afterwards Marc asked if I wanted to check out a trail nearby that he has been wanting to look at for possible mountain biking in the future.  We ended  up walking quite a few miles.   

Yesterday morning I got up and was a little sore - I had planned to run, but Lazy + Whiney   Jen initially decided that she had done enough exercise the day before and didn’t need to do    anything Sunday morning.  But after some more thought, Fit Jen won, and I decided to go to the place I’ve mentioned before.  It’s a trail covered in fine gravel which is easier on the body – including the foot - than running on blacktop.

Chakotay has had some hip problems as he’s gotten older.  A couple of months ago I started him on Glucosamine and Chondroitin and that has helped a TON, but after a long and somewhat hard hike, he was limping a bit and I didn’t want to push him, so I decided to take just Archer.

DAMN!!  Talk about feeling guilty!  As I put on Archer’s collar, Chakotay just stood there with his nub wagging and looking at me patiently waiting for me to put his collar on.  And then as I went to leave and told him to stay – the look just about broke my stinking cold heart!! 

The trail is 2 miles one way and I wanted to run it twice.  But let me tell you, when your motivation is not in tip top form, after completing the 4 miles and the car is right there –it takes a hell of a lot to turn around and run the whole thing again!!!!  But I did it.  I stopped at 6  - at the turnaround so that Archer could get a break.  Yeah, right - it was Archer that needed to  catch his breath.  NOT!   


Want to hear something funny?  Running on the way back, my legs were getting fatigued and I   wanted to stop and walk.  I remembered an article I read recently in Runner  World about this woman who wanted to quit while running her first marathon.  She said that for the last 4 miles with every single step she chanted in her head things like  “I am strong!”  “I am powerful!”  “I can do this!”  And she ended up finishing.  So I tried chanting inspirational things like this and no  dice - I still wanted to stop running.  So I began chanting  “BAGEL with PEANUT BUTTER” -which I planned to have for lunch.  And I finished the 8.  Pathetic, huh?!!?      


When it was over, I was happy that I got a run in and considered the weekend a success exercise wise.    However, there was a problem afterwards called entitlement!  When I exercise heavily, I seem to believe that this  entitles me to eat anything and everything I want the rest of the day -like the calories won’t count!  There is, of course, an actual physical hunger that comes from exercising.  But that  plays a    very small part.  In reality it is my mind telling me that I deserve whatever I desire since I worked so hard.

Unfortunately, I want to eat many many many more calories than I have burned.  That, my friends, is a problem!  And probably the reason that the scale stubbornly refuses to budge!  

Well, at least my sweet Chakotay forgave me for favoring one son over another on Mother  Day!!!   


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