Monday, March 12, 2018

The more things change...

The more they stay completely and maddingly the same!!

When I was in my first phase of dropping pounds, I would talk to someone or read an online post where the person would say that they were eating less or exercising more and the scale wasn't moving.  I would think to myself that it was bullshit - if you expend more calories than you take in, you lose weight, period.

But it seems as if this is the hell I am living in right now.  When I stepped on the scale Friday I was exactly the same weight that I have been since January.  I have bounced between a pound up or down, but pretty much am what I was.

How is this possible??   I know that - for sure - I am eating less than I was last fall.  The not snacking on peanut butter after work ALONE has to be at least 200 calories per day.  And having increased my running should be showing some results.

My body, apparently, disagrees.

So my addict brain immediately said " Well, fuck this! If I`m putting in all this effort and nothing is happening I might as well just do whatever the hell I want - it's not like it will make a differnece!!"

I didn't throw it all out the window, but I really wanted to.

Having faith that hard work will eventually pay off - whether we're talking about diet and exercise, or a career choice, or lots of other things in life - is super hard when you feel like you're not seeing any results at all.  

What I tried to remember this weekend is that the benefits that my body is getting from the exercise and eating right is there - whether the scale shows it or not.  My heart and lungs and skin and liver and everything else that I can't see on the outside thanks me.

As if to send home this point, the results of a study were published last week.  So maybe my outward appearance isn't that great - but my immune system is  sexy as fuck!!!


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    1. So, is this what maintenance is? I think so, it's a never ending way of life. It's like our bodies just adjust to the amount of food and exercise we are receiving. I'm battling an extra 7 pounds that I can't seem to get past. Stupid menopause has not been kind. All the little tricks of cutting back a little and walking a little farther are not working anymore.

      I'm having my own battle (in my head) right now with people thinking that I don't understand the struggle of weight loss. After I lost the extra weight, I've worked so hard at it the majority of my life and then get a comment from an over weight person saying that I couldn't possibly understand what they are going through. It's kind of hurtful sometimes. I don't say anything, because, like I said, I do understand the frustration.

    2. Sorry, Julie, I accidentally deleted your comment and can't get it back so I published as a reply.

      There is part of me that thinks my body has settled into where it wants to be and nothing short of extraordinary measures can get me past it and I'm not sure that I am willing to make the saacrifices. Menopause is looming for me as well, and to be honest it kind of terrifies me.

      I know exactly what you mean about others and their comments - basically invalidating your feelings. I try not to get too upset because I remember being on the other side looking at someone who I perceived as having nothing to lose and being actually angry when they complained or talked about their struggles... but it does hurt.