Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It’s always something isn’t it? Yes, the whiney, sniveling, poor me bitch is back.

Sunday was a perfect day. I mean the kind of day you want to capture in a bottle. For me, anyway, it was. With the cleaning of the chicken house completed, I was relaxed when I got up on Sunday, since my “chores” were done. It was a little cool in the morning, but sunny and predicted to warm quickly.

I grabbed the dogs and we went on a 5 mile run. Since it was warmer than it has been, Chakotay started to get fatigued, and I didn’t want to push him, so we walked a short bit more to cool us all down. Marc and I had lunch and decided to spend the afternoon biking.

It was a bit windy, but we went on a nice longish ride - and my OCD heart was thrilled when we pulled into the driveway at exactly 36 miles.

We then headed out to get something for dinner, first stopping at JC Penney because I had a coupon. I found a cute dress on clearance for less than $15 and using my coupon I paid a grand total of $4.97 for it. You know my cheap-ass was thrilled with this!

I was tired in such a good way as we ate a late - and healthy - dinner and then relaxed the rest of night.

I should have known something would come along to fuck it up!!

As I told you guys, I’ve been having some ball of foot pain. I was pretty confident it was a mild case of metatarsalgia and, based on reading about it, I have not been wearing high heels, have taken some ibuprofen to decrease the swelling and have been icing the foot. But yesterday something happened during my run and it hurt so bad that I had to stop. I figured I was running too much and so I decided I would need to take a couple of days off from running.

But last night I was in AGONY. I kept waking up during the night due to the pain and I couldn’t curl my toes or stretch them without extreme pain. When I got up this morning I could barely walk. Driving to work, I impulsively made the decision to stop at the Urgent Care and get x-rays as I was worried given the sudden acuteness it could be a stress fracture.

I was correct in my guess that early morning would be a good time to get in and out quickly - there was only one woman in front of me. I gave my info to a nurse who noted the swelling and was very kind to me.

Then the doctor came in. She didn’t even introduce herself but came over looked at me and asked me “Why are you running at your age?” She then told me - without even looking at my foot - that I needed to stop running, period. She told me some “light short jogs” on the treadmill is fine for someone my age, but running outside needs to stop.

I was just about speechless and - because I am a HUGE BABY - almost started crying. I couldn’t believe a medical professional was saying this! She then tried to INSIST that the problem was related to a heel spur they had found in 2014. I explained to her that my heel didn’t hurt at all and neither did my midfoot. After some pressing and prodding she finally agreed that it probably was not related to any heel spur. I told her that I was concerned it was a stress fracture. She then said that she could take some x-rays, but that they almost never show stress fractures - you need a special scan for that.

Since I was there anyway she went ahead and did the x-rays. It showed no fracture and my general bone structure is good. She then told me to take naproxen, ice the foot, and no running. She was willing to refer me to a podiatrist, but made the recommendation to see if it gets better with conservative treatment and she will refer me if it doesn’t get better in 1-2 weeks.

I feel like such a IDIOT. I am mad at myself for jumping the gun and going to Urgent Care. It seems like a total waste of time and money. And I am (here comes the pity party) - SO SICK - of having injuries. I mean in terms of INJURY this is not bad at all, but since I’m already at about DEFCON 2 in terms of my weight, the thought of not running is spiraling me into a panic - AGAIN.

Combine this with the comments about my age from the doctor - I am not doing so well right now.

The reading I have done suggests that if this is NOT a stress fracture and since it is not a chronic condition I could heal up quite quickly. So do me a favor guys, and send healing vibes - mentally and physically - towards me!!


  1. I think I remember that you ran a lot of miles last week .. more than in a long time. Could be an over-use injury? Also, just for grins, look up capsulitis. It's an inflammation of the ball of the foot. I've had it for several years. No biggie, once you get it under control. I run, but it is probably not caused by running. Rest, ice, anti-inflamms. Yeah, you can get past this. Life will not end yet.

    1. It looks like capsulitis and metatarsalgia are the same thing. And you are probably right about overuse. Also the running shoes I wear are known to be tight in the toe box. So I ordered a new pair in wide width. You are right, it's not the end of the world - it just feels like it!!

  2. urgent care doctors are the worst!!!! I have had some really bad experiences.
    Don't lose heart!