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Review: Chobani Crunch Simply 100 Yogurt

I LOVE yogurt - more specifically Greek yogurt. It’s great for you, has a tremendous amount of protein, and you can get low and no fat versions. Chobani is one of a few brands of yogurts that I eat and love.

Chobani has come out with a new product line called Chobani Crunch simply 100. There are 3 versions of yogurt with a fruit and crunchy option in all 3. They all also clock in at a low level calorie count of 100!! In addition, Chobani advertises that they don’t use artificial sweeteners, use non-GMO ingredients and buy their milk from farmers who don’t treat their cows with growth hormones. While the jury is still out, in my opinion anyway, whether any of these ingredients are harmful for us consumers, not having them certainly raises zero concern or debate!

So when they contacted me and asked me if I was interested in reviewing these new yogurts and also promoting their living lighter campaign, I was totally on board.







I first tried the Strawberry Chocolate Truffle which is strawberry non-fat yogurt with milk chocolate rice crisps, dark chocolate cookies and dried strawberries. When you open the container, you will see that one large corner contains the yogurt, while the other small corner contains the “crunchy items”. The small corner is made to be folded over so you can dump the crunchy parts into the yogurt. At first glace, it appears that there is not a lot of crunchy items to mix in. But as soon as I folded the container, deposited in the crunchy items and mixed it up, it become clear that there is an AMPLE amount of the crunch making a perfect mixture with the yogurt.











In my first bite, I noticed that the strawberry flavor of the yogurt is extremely subtle. There is not an overpowering taste of strawberry but instead just a hint of the flavor. The yogurt itself was tart and assertive as I expect with Greek yogurt. The strawberries were small pieces of the dried fruit which had a sweetly intense strawberry flavor. The chocolate crisps and cookies both had a very appealing flavor - definitely chocolately, but not overly sweet. I ate this yogurt at a leisurely pace, and the crisps and cookies stayed very crunchy - the yogurt did not soften them up at all.


A couple of days later I tried the Mango Cone Crisp. This is a mango non-fat yogurt with waffle cone, graham cookies and dried mango. I dumped the crunchy parts into the yogurt and mixed it up. On my first bite, I noticed that the mango flavor of the yogurt was strongly present, unlike with the strawberry. It was very sweet and had a pronounced fruity taste which was an excellent balance with the tartness of the yogurt.







The waffle cone pieces tasted just like a waffle cone you would get at an ice cream shop and the graham cookies were fairly large and very crunchy with a perfect graham flavor. Once again, they stayed crunchy the entire time. The dried mango pieces were more subtle and were almost chewy in a way that I loved. This yogurt was definitely a huge hit with me!







Finally, I asked Marc to try the final flavor, Blueberry Cookie Crumble. While I am a fan of plain, raw blueberries, I don’t tend to like blueberry flavored foods. Marc on the other hand, loves blueberry, so I thought it would be interesting to get his perspective. This yogurt is non-fat blueberry flavored with oatmeal cookies and dried blueberries.


Marc tried a bit of the yogurt before dumping the oatmeal cookies in and immediately said that it was a very strong blueberry flavor, but not overly sweet. He mixed in the cookies and he was thrilled that those crunchy pieces tasted just like an oatmeal cookie. He reports that the blueberry pieces were small, but with a little crunch to them and that they tasted like real blueberries. He gave this yogurt an enthusiastic thumbs up.













Some final thoughts. We liked all 3 of these new yogurts, I especially loved the Mango Cone Crisp. I found the corner containing the crispy items somewhat hard to bend and awkward to dump into the yogurt as the plastic is extremely thick. I also found it a little difficult to have “room” to mix the crispy items with the yogurt. However, since I applaud Chobani for not being wasteful with their packaging, I have mixed feelings.

The price of these yogurts are in line with what other single cups of yogurt sell at - around $1.00 per cup.

I have seen a couple people complain that the amount of yogurt is small compared to other yogurts. Well, OF COURSE, it has to be if you want the crispy items and to keep the calorie count low! If you are not concerned about calories, there are many choices out there - both from Chobani and other brands, that have more yogurt and more “add-ins” with additional calories.

For me, I really need a little treat after dinner before bed, and 100 calories is a perfect number for someone calorie concerned as I am. This new yogurt offers something different by giving me some crunchy add-ins while keeping the calories low. It remains an incredibly healthy choice and with a decent amount of protein to keep me satisfied throughout the night.

Speaking of calories, as I mentioned, along with rolling out these new yogurts, Chobani has a cute list of ways that you can burn off those calories that these new yogurts have!

Take a look:


So feel free to take the dog for a walk this afternoon have a nice yogurt snack when you get back! Or have a mid-morning yogurt break at work and then do some yoga for part of your lunch hour. Personally, I would like you to dance around the kitchen - maybe while you’re cleaning up after dinner - your family might think that you’re crazy, but if so, just tell them you’re doing it for the strawberry chocolate truffle you want later!!

Thanks again to Chobani for making a great product and for allowing me to review it!

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