Friday, September 11, 2015


I read an article today about the lasting effects that the September 11th attacks have had. One of the things that they talked about is the “new normal” that was experienced after the attacks. The new normal of everything from rules of flying to how we relate to people of middle eastern descent to our sense of safety in the world.

And then there are those who have to live with their new normal after losing someone in the attacks and/or being there during the attacks and surviving. They had to adjust to a new normal in a much more personal, rather than global way.

The author of the article reflected on how amazingly adaptable we are as humans and how we adjust to “new normals” - both minor and life altering.

It was interesting to read this because Marc and I were just talking about our lives not so many years ago and now. Even though the vast amount of time Marc and I have known each other we lived a certain way, that life – which was so normal to us -seems so foreign now we can’t even believe that that is who we used to be.

We adjusted to a new normal. The life of fitness and eating well and a revolutionary change in priorities and lifestyle.  That became out routine, our normal.

As this week has progressed I wonder if I have settled into a NEW new normal. I went from one extreme of incredibly unhealthy obesity to another somewhat extreme of strict rigid eating and fitness demands on myself.

Over the last year, I have obviously been sliding from that. Which has meant gaining weight and less fitness. I still exercise, but I haven’t been running 35 miles a week like I used to. I was “supposed” to run yesterday at lunch and didn’t feel like it. I went for a walk instead. Getting home I took the dogs for 5 miles. We ran some and walked some, which was previously not acceptable and I was ALMOST okay with that. I have lessened the demands on myself.

I eat more than I should. There are some previously forbidden foods that I now allow myself to eat. I used to be completely and perfectly on track 90% of the time. That’s not true anymore.

Depending on the day. HA! Depending on the MINUTE - I either HATE myself for this and live in terror and certainty that this means that I am turning back into the old me, OR I see this as a normal and healthy evolution in my process of change.

I never want to go back to the old me.  But is this new normal an okay thing?  I’m not sure.

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  1. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Normal…":

    Hi Jen,
    Your “new normal” – maybe you are in a funk and need a change of pace and scenery. Rediscover why you fired up the passion within yourself in the first place by digging really, really deep. Routine can become boring and we can lose interest over time. Think back to the days when you were too tired, obese, and lazy to even think about where to begin with your journey to a new and healthy you. You are absolutely right, a “new normal” can suddenly become just that. Slowly and gradually changing routine and habits is not such a sin, as long as you are good with your decision. I sense you are struggling some and feel guilty? You are human and falter just like everyone else. Just know that many people (some you don’t even know) are inspired and motivated by you and some may wish they could be like you and find the true meaning of good health… mind, body, and soul. Of those 3, the mind is the most difficult to overcome. With that being said, dig deep and figure out what the real issue is with your struggle and make your comeback even better. You have come way too far to give in to a “new normal” if that new normal is affecting your mind, body, and spirit.
    Lisa :)