Monday, September 7, 2015

Cramming it in…

This time I’m not talking about food – although I have certainly done my fair share of that this weekend!

But no, I’m talking about using this holiday weekend to end the summer doing everything I can to take advantage.  You see, Labor Day in Northern NY often sucks!  It usually rains and the temps begin to drop.

Not so this weekend!  No, we have had incredibly HOT and HUMID weather – it has been pretty effing glorious. 

I have walked, ran, hiked, biked, and swam.  For a weekend total of over 70 miles!   I have not spent a minute in the house longer than necessary.

Yesterday morning Marc and I went on a 30+ mile bike ride, returned home long enough to stuff our faces and then were out the door with the dogs to hike to the beach. 

We got home very late.  There is no better feeling in my book than arriving home late on Sunday knowing you don’t have to work the next day!!

I feel like I need to cram everything in because the cold weather will be here all too soon and will ruin my party.

Today, after a long walk, Marc and I stopped in Target to pick up a few things and I counted no fewer than 4 parents that were CLEARLY ready for their kids to go back to school.  That includes one mother who was arguing with her age 10-ish son who she finally smacked across the back of the head.  He calmly told her that he was going to call child protective services.  She SCREAMED “Good!  Maybe they’ll take you!  I could certainly use the break!!”

Does it make us evil that Marc and I barely made it around the corner before laughing our asses off?

I have also spent this weekend in a mental argument with myself – alternating between telling myself that I will never ever get my shit together and I’m just going to eat myself into oblivion and telling myself that I need to chill out, eat reasonably, but enjoy life.

This was compounded by an interesting article I read about a recent study.  Basically the researchers followed a whole bunch of people in the US and UK and asked them if they thought they were overweight and/or worried about their weight.  Across the board, those who worried about their weight – whether they were actually overweight per the charts or not – GAINED more than people who didn’t worry about their weight!!  The researchers said that they believe the stress of worrying about weight gain actually caused people to eat more!! 



  1. Hi Jen, this weather has certainly been fantastic, huh? You sure have been a busy little beaver with all your hiking, biking, etc. There is no better feeling than accomplishing a run, a hike, a long bike ride, or a long walk. Any work out is better than no workout. We know what's coming around the corner and it will be here before we know it! I absolutely LOVE winter running. Oh, and throw out your scale.... that number will drive one bonkers and is not the only measure of your great success!
    PS.... do you run the 5K Turkey Run in Watertown at Thanksgiving?
    Your Canadian friend,
    Lisa :)

  2. We do run the Turkey Trot!! 2 years ago it was running on ice!!

    1. I remember that! It was a challenge but good. Maybe I will see you there. :)