Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Plastic surgeon...

I went to see a plastic surgeon today.  The extra skin is extremely bad on my abdomen and thighs.  Clothes don't fit right, the skin bounces way up and down when I run or do other exercises.  When I'm doing a pushup or a plank there is just this MASS that hangs down to the floor.

Marc went with me to Dr. Dean DeRoberts in Syracuse.  The doc was great.  He spent a long time explaining everything and my options - from just cutting off the very front, to cutting off from my hips, to cutting all the way around to lift my butt and outer thighs.  The range of price was from $8500-$13,000.  Plus the inner thighs are an additional $5000.  Looks like the thighs are out, period.  They are unsightly but not functionally problematic like the abdomen.

I definitely have a big decision to make.

The surgery itself is very invasive, but includes not just cutting off the skin, but tightening the abdominal muscles (which he said mine are actually pretty good anyway), and scraping off fat and liposuction.  The surgery is around 4-5 hours depending on which version I choose.

The doctor kept referring to me as "really petite".  Probably the third time he said that I smirked and he said "I think you'll be surprised at how tiny you are under all that skin".  Me tiny?  I never thought that phrase would EVER be used!?!?!  

Recovery time is 6-8 weeks.  Thinking about going that long without working out seriously causes me as much anxiety as thinking about the surgery itself.

Marc is being great.  He'll need to take care of me for several days.  But he is worried about complications or something going wrong while I am under the knife.


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